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Jennifer Aniston went through some popular beauty TikTok trends on YouTube and the one she was very impressed with is a blackhead remover vacuum, which you can get a fantastic deal on for Amazon Prime Day. For 43% off, you can purchase the POPPYO Blackhead Pore Vacuum, which helps remove hard-to-get blackheads effectively and safely. There are 4 different replaceable blackhead vacuum remover heads (a silicone circular head, big circular hole head, oval hole head, and small circular hole head) that suit different parts of your face. This satisfying tool is definitely an item that should be added to your cart before it goes out of stock. 

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“Can I take this home because I want to do this? This is exciting and I support this trend,” Jennifer told Allure. This electric blackhead remover is perfect for the common blackheads we all get on our noses — and there are levels 1 to 5 to ensure you can access the right pressure for you while suiting all different skin needs. Everyone’s skin needs a good deep cleaning every once in a while from the oil, dirt, and makeup that constantly gets trapped.

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There is also a set of pimple tools included with the device to ensure you’re handling your skin in the right way. The design of the blackhead remover is also high-tech. The USB rechargeable blackhead vacuum provides an LED digital display for showing the suction power level. Before you use it, all you have to do for the device to work effectively is cleanse and use a facial steamer or hot towel to open your pours. It’s effective, safe, pain-free, and reliable — there’s never a better time to purchase the item now!


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