Apple adds USB-C, but cuts features in new $79 Apple Pencil


Apple today announced a new Apple Pencil that offers USB-C and a lower price. But this isn’t an upgraded version of the Apple Pencil. This version lacks some of the advanced features found on the 2nd generation Apple Pencil, forcing users to pick between key features and USB-C recharging.

Starting at $79 and available for $69 through education channels, this Apple Pencil is all about value. The $129 2nd generation Apple Pencil is still available and offers significant features for artists and creative types. For the rest, the new Apple Pencil could be good enough.

A sliding cap hides a USB-C port, which is the only way to charge this version. It still features a flat side which can magnetically connect to an iPad, but doing so only puts the Pencil to sleep and does not charge it. This version features the same precision and low latency found on the original and second generation. It also supports tilt sensitivity, allowing the user to change the width of the on-screen brush by changing the angle of the Pencil.

Key Apple Pencil features are missing from this version. It lacks pressure sensitivity and the ability to double tap on the side of the Pencil to change tools.

Apple also announced today a $9 USB-C to Apple Pencil adapter to give the original Pencil a USB-C recharging option.



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