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Clayton Echard’s denial that he’s the father of unborn twins has now been proven. The Bachelor alum, 30, took to Instagram to share a video proclaiming that a paternity test he was forced to take confirms he’s not the father. “Listen, it’s Friday and you know what we need on a Friday? We need some good news and who has got the good news today? I got the good news today,” Echard, 30, said in an Instagram video shared on Friday, October 6.

“The test results came back early, and they said little to no fetal DNA present,” he continued. “Let’s go baby! I knew that was going to happen and thankfully five months of torture can finally be put to rest.” He also thanked fans for standing by him throughout the ordeal, during which an anonymous 33-year-old woman claimed he fathered twins with her after a one-night stand back in May. The issue came to a head when he was court ordered to submit to a paternity test.

“Two false accusations in two years — and I really don’t want to look ahead to next year to see what will happen,” he laughed. “I think two false accusations in a lifetime is enough. This has been a trying time, but I learned so much about myself and now back to the regularly scheduled program.” Clayton was also referring to inaccurate claims that he cheated on ex Susie Evans last year — he literally danced and shimmied during the giddy video.

In the caption, he celebrated further.  “Anybody love some good news on a Friday as much as I do??” he wrote. “If you know what I’m talking about, then here’s the answer you have been wondering about. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, just keep scrolling and know that over here, the vibes are immaculate.”

Clayton denied that he was the father of the anonymous woman’s twins from the outset, calling her claims “groundless” and denying that they even had sex.

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