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Even David, 48, and Victoria Beckham, 49, tease each other! The A-lister couple were candid about their relationship and more during their Netflix docuseries, Beckham, which premiered on October 4. In one of the confessionals, the Spice Girls member claimed to be from a “working class” family, however, her husband jokingly corrected her. “We both come from families that work really hard,” she explained. “Both of our parents work really hard. We’re very working class.”

At that moment, David popped his head in through the door and encouraged Victoria to be “honest” with viewers. “I am being honest,” the 49-year-old clapped back. He then asked his wife to reveal “what car” her father drove her to school in during her younger years. The fashion designer initially attempted to shy away from the question, only to reveal her fancy ride. “OK, in the ’80s, my dad had a Rolls Royce,” she said. Victoria went on to claim that her answer was “not a simple” one, while her hubby bluntly replied, “Thank you,” and shut the door.

Soon after a video of the scene landed on social media, many of their fans took to the comments to react. “Appreciate him keeping it real there,” one admirer tweeted, while another added, “This was so funny.” Meanwhile, a separate fan couldn’t help but point out that David’s upbringing was legitimately “working” class. “He actually grew up working class so he’s legit pissed,” they quipped to a fan who called Victoria’s comment “terrible behaviour [sic].” A fourth fan also encouraged people to marry someone with that similar sense of humor as David’s. “Hahah that’s the kind of spouse people deserve,” they joked.

In addition to discussing their upbringing, Victoria and the global soccer star revealed challenges during their relationship in the documentary. The proud mother-of-four went on to express how “unhappy” she was during the 2003 rumors that David had stepped out of their marriage. “It was the most unhappy I have ever been in my entire life,” she said in the clip, as reported by the Sun. “It wasn’t that I felt unheard because I was always mindful of the focus that he needed.”

Later, the songstress called the period when David played for Real Madrid a “nightmare” due to the long distance aspect of their marriage. “It was the hardest period because it felt like the world was against us,” Victoria said. “Here’s the thing — we were against each other if I’m being completely honest.” At the time, she was in England raising their two eldest sons Brooklyn (b. 1999) and Romeo (b. 2000). Later, the lovebirds welcomed two more children including a third son, Cruz (b. 2005) and daughter Harper (b. 2011).


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