Dr. Praeger tackles texture with crunchy veggie burger


Dive Brief:

  • In response to plant-based consumers’ concerns over texture, Dr. Praegers is launching two new burger offerings with a crunch: crunchy cauliflower and crunchy southwestern sweet potato. 
  • The New Jersey-based frozen foods company is promising the same “clean ingredients and delicious taste consumers love,” the company said in a statement. The new burgers will be sold in Whole Foods, Shoprite, HEB, Sprouts and Publix nationwide. 
  • The line is in response to the cry heard ‘round the plant-based world — taste and texture. While most consumers in the category are satisfied with veggie burgers’ health benefits and support for animal welfare, consistency and texture are lacking.

Dive Insight:

If the plant-based category wants to attract new consumers, they should start with the taste, texture and clean ingredients, according to the 2023 UnMet Needs report for the plant-based space. 

Almost three-quarters of the responses gathered from shopper data of 60 million households “would want to know something about the taste and texture before purchasing. Review or sample in store,” the report said.

According to Dr. Praegers, their new line of products is responding to this sentiment. The new veggie burgers are made with six vegetables, and are vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO certified. What is especially new about them is the “golden crispy crust.”

Plant-based consumers have also voiced concern about additives, especially sodium, that are in many of the products, according to the Unmet Needs report.

Over half, 54%, of respondents said “that even though plant-based options are healthier…there are still hidden unhealthy ingredients that people are not aware of,” the report said. 

Another recent study found that taste was the main reason for repeat customers of plant-based foods, while also being the top barrier to trial in the industry.

Confusion around plant-based products continues to be a hurdle, the report said. Dr. Praeger’s new line of products, is a step into a direction that many plant-based consumers have been hoping for — to tackle both the issues of confusion around ingredients, as well as taste and texture.


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