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The global cryptocurrency market has seen a bullish trend, with a 2.5% increase, pushing the market cap to $1.11T as of Tuesday. The fear-greed index stands at 47, indicating a degree of market greediness.

The rise in the market cap can be attributed to the performance of several cryptocurrencies including , , Pancake, Bitcoin SV, Gala, and Mantle. The price and trade volume of these cryptocurrencies were examined meticulously along with Bollinger bands’ divergence/convergence and Relative Strength Index (RSI).

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market cap, was trading at $27.6K with a trade volume of $18.1B. Ethereum followed with a trading price of $1668 and a trade volume of $6.1B.

Other cryptocurrencies also contributed to the market’s bullish trend. Pancake was trading at $1.23 with a trade volume of $44.9M while Bitcoin SV stood at $40.98 with a trade volume of $226.1M. Gala and Mantle also showed notable performances with trading prices of $0.01563 and $0.411 respectively, and trade volumes of $71.7M and $50.3M.

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