Google Vertex AI Search updated with healthcare and life sciences capabilities


Alphabet-owned Google is adding new healthcare and life sciences capabilities to its Vertex AI Search offering to help enterprises find accurate clinical information more efficiently and ask questions about patient records.

Vertex AI Search, which allows enterprises to set up a Google Search-like experience via applications powered by foundation models, was last updated in August to include data connectors that can help the large language models ingest data with read-only access from third-party applications such as SalesforceJIRA, and Confluence.

Other updates to Vertex AI Search — unveiled earlier this year as Enterprise Search as part of the company’s generative AI App Builder suite — include multiturn search and grounding capabilities.

The new features will give enterprises in the healthcare and life sciences industries an accelerated path to data interoperability by enabling search on healthcare data over a broad spectrum of data types, including FHIR formats, clinical notes, and medical data in electronic health records (EHRs), the company said.

“It will do this by integrating with Google Cloud’s Healthcare API and Healthcare Data Engine, as well as with Google Health’s search and intelligent summarization capabilities from its pilot product called Care Studio,” it added.

Additionally, the company said that enterprises can take further advantage of Vertex AI Search by combining it with the Med-PaLM 2 large language model.

While Med-PaLM 2 can break down complex medical topics, medically tuned Vertex AI Search delivers search capabilities and general medical Q&A expertise and is grounded in the patient record.

These capabilities, when combined, enable enterprises to make more informed decisions faster, Google said in a statement.

Currently, the new features tuned towards enterprises in the healthcare and life sciences sector seem to be in preview as the company said that only existing Google Cloud customers can sign up to test them.

Enterprises already using the features include Hackensack Meridian Health, Meditech, and Highmark Health.

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