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Institutional investors continue to play a significant role in the ownership of Qifu Technology, owning approximately 49% of the company’s shares, according to data released on Thursday. The company’s recent market cap stands at US$2.7 billion, generating a substantial one-year return on investment (ROI) of 23% for these institutional shareholders.

The top nine shareholders, including Hongyi Zhou with a 14% stake and OLP Capital Management Limited with a 7.9% stake, collectively own half of the company. This concentrated ownership could potentially influence the company’s strategic decisions and its future direction.

Hedge funds also hold a notable position in Qifu Technology, with a 13% stake in the firm. This sizeable holding could give them potential leverage over management decisions. Meanwhile, private equity firms FountainVest Partners each hold a 6.2% stake in the company, further diversifying the institutional ownership.

The general public maintains a comparatively minor position in Qifu Technology, owning only 17% of the company. This smaller stake indicates that retail investors have less influence over the company’s decision-making compared to their institutional counterparts.

Overall, the distribution of ownership in Qifu Technology underscores the significant sway institutional investors hold over the company’s stock price and strategic decisions. With a considerable ROI already generated within a year, these major stakeholders continue to shape the trajectory of the tech firm.

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