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Survivor, the greatest game on television, is in its 45th (!) season, and the franchise has no signs of slowing down. The CBS reality program entered into a “new era” starting with season 41 that has brought a new generation of memorable players fighting to win the $1 million prize. Season 45, which premiered September 27, features seventeen new castaways and one returning player, Bruce Perreault, from season 44.

Based on the first few episodes, we’re about to witness another wild season of Survivor. Here’s the full rundown of who has been voted off so far on Survivor 45.

Hannah Rose

Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose was the first person eliminated from ‘Survivor 45’ (Photo: Robert Voets/CBS)

Hannah Rose, a 33-year-old therapist from Maryland, was the first person eliminated from Survivor 45. But Hannah was not voted out. Instead, she decided to quit at the first Tribal Council after struggling through the first three days. When her tribe, Lulu, lost the immunity challenge, Emily Flippen seemed to be the consensus target. But Hannah had enough of the elements and told her tribemates she wanted out of the game. After getting their blessing, Hannah’s torch was snuffed by Jeff Probst and she left the game on day 3.

Brandon Donlon

Brandon Donlon
Brandon Donlon was the second person eliminated from ‘Survivor 45’ (Photo: Robert Voets/CBS)

Brandon Donlon, a 26-year-old content producer from New Jersey, was the second person eliminated from Survivor 45. Brandon performed poorly in every single challenge leading up to his vote off on day 5. To make matters worse, Brandon lost his vote after he failed a challenge on a journey. It was between Brandon and Emily going home at the Lulu’s tribe second tribal council, and ultimately the group decided it was Brandon’s time to go.

Sabiyah Broderick

Sabiyah Broderick

Sabiyah Broderick, a 28-year-old truck driver from North Carolina, was the third person eliminated from Survivor 45. Sabiyah tried to flip the vote on her ally, Kaleb Gebrewold, but Emily Flippen thwarted her plan and united with Kaleb to vote her out at Lulu’s third consecutive tribal council. Sabiyah couldn’t even vote during her elimination episode since she chose to sacrifice her vote to give power to her Hidden Immunity Idol for later in the game.

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